International Salsa Congress

International Salsa Congress
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Living the crazy life! I guess that is what made us start Latino Rhythms. From a group of ten people who started practising for an office performance to a dance school with over 1500 students and all that in a span of two years!
But now the time has come to grow further. To integrate all our students and members who have made Latino Rhythms into a vibrant dance community on the map of Bangalore, we are launching our brand new blog to increase participation among all of us. This blog is yours. We want you to actively participate, share your thoughts, your anecdotes, your comments, your videos and your pictures that are associated with Latino Rhythms or dancing to make our community even more thriving.
Send your stuff to and we ensure you that we will publish them on this blog with your picture and name.
This blog will keep you updated about our ongoing events, parties and will serve as a melting pot of all our experiences associated with dancing. We will also be adding the most popular dance blogs and sites of the world to our blog so that you can visit these sites as well. So let the budding writer, photographer, editor and cinematographer in you come to life. Contribute and make this blog a grand success because this blog is yours and we want to hear from you. Lets make this the best dance blog of the world.
Happy Blogging


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Casino Rueda Fever hits Bangalore

Hi all please find a video on the latest offering from Latino Rhythms. Casino Rueda!. We have been able to do in Bangalore what no other dance academy does- that is teach Casino Rueda right here in Bangalore!

Casino Rueda comes from the heart of Cuba. It is an extremely intricate but fun way of dancing salsa not as couples but in groups. And the best part is that for the first time anywhere in Bangalore, we are holding an exclusive workshop on Casino Rueda.

Today if you are enthusiastic about learning this form of dance you have go to wait for workshops given by foreign instructors or go abroad to study it. It is the exemplary verve of John and his penchant for giving the very best for this students that has enabled him to perfect this dance style not just technically but in the same custom, signage, language and style that is followed in Latin America. You will be taught dance moves, dance calls and dance signs in the original Casino Rueda style.

So if you are a dance enthusiast, don't miss this for the world. This is really one of those rare opportunities where you get to learn something completely new which is not even taught in this city.

Rush in your entries or shoot us a email and register for this unique workshop, which would be held in the weekend before Christmas.

Monday, September 29, 2008

John and Nidhi's New Bachata Video

Dear all,
Take a look at our very brand new video of John and Nidhi, doing the Bachata. This video is for all those who wanted to know more about Bachata as a dance form. Once you see this you will have a clearer idea and the rest we can teach you in our forthcoming workshop. So don't just wait there and stare.....register for the workshop and who knows the next video might just be yours!...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The rules of engagement

And for all those who still feel the need to go over the rules of our competition tomorrow, here goes....for one final time

  • ALL the contestants will be dancing at the same time for a song played by us randomly , This will be the elimination round, Out of this 7 couples will be chosen to participate in the final round
  • Final round each couple will perform individually on the song that they have prepared, Eventually one winner will be chosen
  • A song should alteast be 1 min and 30 secs minimum in length and a maximum of 4 minutes, Any couple who perform below 1 min and 30 secs will be disqualified
  • Contestants needs to bring their routine song in their own cd in a MP3 format
  • Contestants will be marked on the criteria that was mentioned in our earlier post
  • Judges dicision will be final
  • ALL the contestants are expected to be at the venue not later than 6.30 pm
  • ALL those who need to pay an entry fee should ensure the same is paid before the competition.
  • As it is a jive competion , only Jive music is allowed to be played, Strictly no bollywood or any other music. Contestants will be disqualified if any other music is played apart from Jive
  • ALL contestants should only perform on 2 step jive , 6 step and 4 step jive is disallowed
  • Contestants who are coming late will not be allowed to participate
Remember guys, Choreography, Originality, Sense and Costume. Those are the four keys to get your hands on that winners trophy and cheque. Those are the parameters on which our judges will be rating you.

Cheers and happy jiving!

Competition fever reaches its peak

The past few days have been busy, given the enormous amount of work that is being put in to ensure that the party is a grand success.Hence did't have much time to update the blog.
However, good news is that preparations are almost over, the stage is all set and the applications have rolled in. Till today , 13 couples have registered for our competition and the latest news that we heard today was that they are real busy practising their moves.Way to go guys! That is the real spirit.
The Jive Tribe is all set to set the stage on fire come tomorrow, that is Thursday. Consecutively we have christened this competition with an apt title..." The War of the Jive Tribe". Winners take home INR 5000 and lot more goodies.
We have also run out of our entire stock of invitation cards and hence expect a full house tomorrow. Once again thanks guys for the overwhelming support in making those invites and passing it on to our esteemed invitees.
Great music, good food and dancing. Can there be a better excuse for a night out. I say no. A perfect chance to meet new people, make new friends and dance to some foot tapping music.So even if you are not competing there is a lot for all of you. From a small workshop to surprise awards in categories like "Best Dressed Couple" and others, this is the perfect event to let your hair down and unwind over some heady music.
Hope to see you all there...its less than 24 hours...the countdown has begun.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Way to go boys!

Just a word of appreciation for Prakash, Ajay, Raj, Akshay and all the others who helped in making those 300 odd invites for the party. Cutting, pasting, burning...u did it all....Thanks for chipping in!. It is this kinda energy which sets us apart. It is your effort for that entire evening which made it possible for us to give away all those 300 invitations in time over the weekend. The fact that you could voluntarily make that kind of time for your dance academy after a hard day at work is really appreciated.Way to go people...boys you rock!

A "Thank You" to Linda and Vijay

The love of our patrons and students is what keeps us going everyday. And it is proven time after again. This time around also it is one of our most long standing supporting patrons who have taken the lead. Linda and Vijay have made a gracious contribution to the cause of the Jive competiton to help us with our expenses. And like true good samaritans have requested to be left anonymous. They were vehemently against even being mentioned in our blog . But we cudn't just remain silent.
All we want to say, is "Thank You Linda and Vijay". It is people like you who make Latino Rhythms. We are thankful of your association with us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A small error in the invitation

Dear all,
We regret to inform you that there has been a small error in printing on our invites. The email address on top of the invite should read latino.rhythms@ and not We apologise for the mistake.